Quality Assurance & Professional Ethics

Quality Assurance Certification

  • Third party certification to ISO 20252 (International Quality Standard for Market and Social Research).
  • Application of Interviewer Quality Control Australia (IQCA) standards in Data Collection.
  • Professional internal auditing of all aspects of the organisation and projects.

Professional Ethics

  • Company membership of ADIA (Australian Data and Insights Association).
  • Company and Individual membership of The Research Society.
  • Peer recognition for Philip Mitchell-Taverner as an active Fellow of The Research Society.
  • Adherence to the Market and Social Research Privacy Code 2021.
  • Application of the The Reserach Society Code of Professional Behaviour.
  • Application of the ESOMAR Code of Practice.


  • Qualification to QPR (Qualified Practising Researcher) for Senior Research Directors.
  • Appointment of client facing staff with relevant University education or industry experience.
  • A focus on continual improvement of skills and procedures.
  • A focus on Professional Development as part of ongoing staff appraisal.
  • Provision of internal and external training opportunities.


  • Application of the ADIA Privacy (Market and Social Research) Code 2021 (approved by the Privacy Commissioner).
  • Recognition of the principals of the ESOMAR Privacy Policy.

Further detail is available in Taverner’s Quality Policy, the Taverner Privacy Policy and by contacting our Quality Assurance Manager.

ISO 20252 Quality Assurance Certification.
Third party certification guarantees Taverner Research operates to world best practice for Market and Social Research.

Australian Market & Social Research Society.
All research staff are members of AMSRS and comply with the AMSRS Code of Professional Behaviour.

Association of Market & Social Research Organisations.
Taverner Research is a member organisation of AMRSO and complies with  The Privacy (Market and Social Research) Code 2014.

Interviewer Quality Control Australia.
Certified to IQCA since 2000, the stringent requirements of certification are now incorporated in ISO 20252 Certification.

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