B2B Research Expertise

What is B2B Research Expertise?

At Taverner Research, we understand the unique challenges faced by businesses operating in the B2B sector. Our expertise lies in helping our clients navigate these challenges and develop effective strategies to achieve success. We appreciate the many challenges faced within the B2B sector, such as:

Dealing with low-cost competitors/selling ‘value’

Correct positioning of the brand/product

Understanding customer churn and pain points

Maintaining brand standards in third-party distribution

Identifying new markets/opportunities

Turning a sale into repeat business into an advocate

Leveraging emotion in a rational decision-making process

Aligning sales team with marketing strategies

Building relationships with customers/prospects

Identifying the multi layers of decision making

Expertise within B2B Research

In addition to addressing the challenges mentioned above, we provide a range of research services tailored to the needs of B2B businesses including:

  • Understanding the needs, preferences, and behavior of current and prospective target audiences through audience/segment personas and brand audits.
  • Market segmentation to identify and communicate the differences or similarities between market segments, enabling businesses to tailor their strategies accordingly.
  • Gathering information to assist in the development of new products and services, including conducting ‘road testing’ to minimise investment and reputation risks.
  • Monitoring and understanding the competition, identifying their strengths and weaknesses to gain a competitive advantage or stay ahead of market trends.
  • Customer journey mapping to visualise and analyse the entire customer experience, from initial awareness to post-purchase interactions, identifying touchpoints, emotions, and key decision points.
  • Measuring, monitoring, and enhancing customer experience (CX) to ensure businesses consistently deliver a positive and rewarding experience to their customers.
  • Strategy development and adjustment, Aligning strategies with the 4 Ps of marketing (product, price, promotion, place).

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Some of the sectors we’ve worked in:

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Chemicals
  • Construction & trade
  • Education
  • Energy & utilities
  • Finance & insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing & industrial
  • Media
  • Mining
  • Professional services
  • Transport and logistics

Some of the clients we are proud to work with:


How do you reach my target audience?

We utilize a range of strategies to effectively reach your target audience. This includes employing various methods such as online surveys, conducting one-on-one phone or virtual interviews via platforms like Teams or Zoom, utilizing phone surveys (CATI), organizing focus groups, and directly reaching out to individuals or companies relevant to your target audience. Additionally, we leverage our extensive industry knowledge and commercially available databases to identify and engage with individuals who fit your target audience profile. We can also work with your own customer and prospect lists.

What privacy measures are in place if we want you to conduct research with our customers?

We prioritize data privacy and security. When conducting research with your customers, we strictly adhere to privacy controls and comply with all relevant data protection regulations. We ensure that all collected data is anonymized and aggregated, eliminating any personally identifiable information. Moreover, we obtain participants’ consent and follow industry best practices to safeguard their information, in accordance with our ISO 20252:2019 certification and membership in the Australian Data and Insights Association.

How do you approach reaching our competitors' customers?

Reaching your competitors’ customers requires a cautious and ethical approach. We employ various techniques such as competitive intelligence analysis, market research databases, social media monitoring, and industry partnerships to identify and engage with your competitors’ customers. Through these methods, we gather valuable insights while respecting privacy and confidentiality.

We have a limited marketing budget, and a market segmentation study seems excessive.

We understand the budget constraints faced by businesses, especially smaller ones. While a comprehensive market segmentation study can provide valuable insights, we can tailor our research approach to align with your budget. We offer flexible options that prioritize the most critical aspects of segmentation, allowing you to obtain useful information without incurring unnecessary expenses. Our team will collaborate with you to identify the most cost-effective research methods that still yield actionable results, including identifying target segments.

How can we measure the return on investment (ROI) for our research expenditure?

Measuring the ROI for research expenditure is crucial to evaluate its effectiveness. We employ several methods to assist you in measuring ROI. These methods include tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with your research objectives, such as changes in customer satisfaction, market share, or revenue growth. By establishing baseline metrics and comparing them to post-research data, we can assess the impact of research on your business outcomes. Additionally, we provide comprehensive reports that highlight the insights gained, enabling you to make data-driven decisions that positively influence your ROI.

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