Steps to ensure high quality data from online panels.

July 29th, 2022|

Online panel research – traditionally completed on PCs or laptops, but now increasingly on tablets and phones – has shown extraordinary growth in popularity over the past two decades, however there are critical steps to [...]


Consumer Research

Understanding consumers and why they do what they do and identifying how to change attitudes and behaviours.


Business-to-Business Research

Insights into what makes your important relationships click and maintaining stakeholder engagement.


Government & Social Research

From program evaluation to policy development to program experience ratings.


Data Collection

As well as being a full-service agency, we conduct many data only projects for clients in Australia and overseas.

We define ‘insight’ as the power and ability to analyse, interpret and apply findings in an intelligent way, releasing real and actionable benefits to clients.

  • We take steps to understand the practical implications of research for your business, enabling us to deliver relevant and actionable insight.
  • Analysis and interpretation is carried out by highly qualified, experienced researchers and analysts with knowledge of the project and client objectives.
  • Our team of research professionals are kept up to date with project progress and participate in scheduled internal Project Briefings.
  • All reports and presentations are reviewed by experienced researchers prior to submission, thus providing additional opportunity for new insight to be applied to the findings
All projects undergo a rigorous strategic phase which has operated with great success for more than 15 years.

  • A Project Director is appointed at the initial proposal stage and is immediately your point of contact for the entire project.
  • The Project Director unlocks the Taverner ‘knowledge bank’ at internal Project Briefings attended by the senior research staff.
  • The close-knit team environment ensures on-going collaboration between departments and experienced researchers.
  • The project teams meet daily to discuss progress and performance targets.
  • Strategy meetings are held with the client to share information prior to developing detailed research material and instruments.
  • All research tools are tested and piloted before going into field, and client approval/review is requested prior to proceeding.
Accountability is more than a phase, it is an imperative and ensures projects are of the highest quality and delivered on time and budget.

  • The assigned Project Director is personally accountable for all aspects of the project and for maintaining the ongoing client relationship.
  • The Project Director has the experience, autonomy and authority to address virtually any client request.
  • Regular progress updates are provided to the client throughout the project.
  • Deadlines, costs and quality are recognised as critical elements in all projects.
  • Department Managers are directly accountable to Project Directors and are accountable for the quality of the ultimate project output.
  • Experienced staff are deployed to oversee the project at all levels.
  • All projects follow defined Quality Assurance procedures.
  • All projects may be subject to internal Quality Assurance audits.

Why Choose Us

  • Full service from methodology design, fieldwork (desk research, telephone, online or face-to-face) and through to advanced analysis and reporting
  • In-house telephone and face-to-face field teams, no outsourcing or off-shoring
  • A senior researcher project manages every project
  • No project too big or too small, we work with you to determine the ideal solution for your needs
  • In business for more than 20 years means we’ve seen just about every type of research there is
  • ISO 20252 certification and AMSRO membership ensures quality and peace of mind

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