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CATI / Telephone Research

Are you looking for an effective way to obtain accurate and timely feedback for your market research projects?

Telephone interviewing, often called Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI), is one of the best ways to collect the consumer data your business needs to craft an effective marketing strategy and learn more about your customers.

While other market research methods like online surveys are also fast and cost-effective, your business will be at the mercy of how much the respondents are willing to type.

Here you can learn more about how our CATI surveys and telephone market research services deliver the data you need to make critical decisions for your business.

What is CATI Research?

CATI stands for Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing. It is a traditional method of conducting qualitative or quantitative market research, yet one that remains as relevant as ever. Over the phone, a market research telephone interviewer will read questions from a questionnaire displayed on a screen. Once the respondent answers, the interviewer inputs their answer or feedback into CATI software.

While CATI interviewing used to be predominantly landline-based, these days we have excellent access to geo-specific and age-specific mobile numbers. This means that the majority of CATI interviews today are conducted via mobile phones.

What are the Benefits of CATI Research?

There are many benefits of conducting CATI market research, including:


When compared to face-to-face interviews, CATI research is cost-effective since it can all be done remotely.

Immediate responses

Unlike with email or digital surveys, CATI market research provides immediate responses. This means your business receives the data it needs much faster.

Eliminates manual errors

Since CATI software automatically enters and transfers data to a central system, there is no need to manually enter data. This significantly reduces the likelihood of data processing errors.

Qualitative feedback

CATI research is one of the best ways to perform qualitative research since the interviewer is talking directly with the respondents and can explain questions or add a human touch to the process.

Data quality control

Since recordings of conversations are automatically registered by CATI software, they can easily be examined to ensure quality data control. This ensures the data you receive is always consistent and accurate.

How Can Taverner Help your Business?

Taverner Research Group has one of the largest CATI research capabilities in Australia and New Zealand. We have 40+ CATI stations operating in in Sydney, Coffs Harbour and Wollongong. For over 25 years, we have specialised in providing our clients with unrivalled quality and consistency in data collection.

The high-quality data we collect through our CATI market research can help your business in a variety of ways – from enhancing business awareness and expanding market reach to evaluating competitors, carrying out customer satisfaction surveys or performing research on your customer base.

Why choose Taverner?

  • We perform all of our CATI market research services in-house to assure quality and accuracy.
  • We customise each of our studies to your specific brand and business context.
  • Research is conducted by our 100 fully trained field operators located throughout NSW.
  • 24/7 operational capability and multilingual operators representing most major foreign languages, including with CaLD groups in Australia.
  • We have separate, multi-station executive interviewing facilities for sensitive or higher-level CATI projects.
  • We can create a personalised CATI research strategy for your business ranging from small-scale studies (n=10) all the way up to large-scale population studies (n=3,000+).

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