Council Surveys

Working Hand-in-hand with Local, State and Federal Governments

Every year, State and Local Governments across Australia conduct surveys to assess satisfaction with overall performance and provision of services.

At Taverner Research Group, we have a strong history of working with local councils, and state and federal government organisations to better understand how their residents feel about the services they receive.

Local government organisations use our survey and research results to:

Evaluate the satisfaction of local areas and council services

Gauge perceptions towards specific issues and schemes

Measure employee engagement and job satisfaction

Compare their performance to other local governments

Measure true engagement levels

Learn where to best allocate resources

 We recognize that local councils are under increasing financial pressure while still striving to provide excellent levels of public service. Our clients and customers in local councils use our quality research and surveys to improve efficiency, recognise areas of strength and prioritise improvement opportunities.

The Taverner Approach

The Taverner team has extensive experience in conducting high-quality, customised research for a range of local, state, and federal government organisations and agencies.

Whether you’re looking to measure employee satisfaction, gauge perceptions on a specific issue, or simply consult with your community, we can help. By providing accurate and quality data, we provide the information and insights needed to make the right strategic decisions.

Our robust data collection methods and reputation for quality are well known. We are supported by a dedicated team that understands the priorities and challenges faced by councils.

Our effective research services and methods are designed to meet council needs most efficiently. As an experienced council research company, we can help you with any part of the survey process – from designing your questionnaire to data entry and reporting.

Here are some of the Government & social research services we provide:

  • Performance and satisfaction
  • Waste, recycling and circular economy
  • Special rate variations
  • Environmental knowledge and awareness
  • Natural disaster resilience and preparedness
  • Community wellbeing

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For over 25 years, Taverner has been the trusted council surveying agency of choice for many local, state and federal government organisations across Australia. We help local councils and government departments improve effectiveness through accurate and reliable research.

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