Are you naturally inquisitive?

At Taverner Research we always ask the extra question to gain a better understanding. Not because we have to, it’s just who we are.

If that sounds like you, we might be a great place to continue your career in market research. We’re always on the lookout for energetic and enthusiastic researchers to join our team.

To find out more about possible vacancies as either a market research interviewer or potentially joining our executive research team please send us an email from the following options:

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Participating in market research can be fun and rewarding. We regularly conduct focus groups and are always looking for people to join our online panels. For more information, check out our Taverner Panel, or visit our Facebook page
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Other information

For details of remuneration and basic conditions, we suggest you look at the latest UWU / ADIA Market Research Industry Agreement.

Taverner adheres to the UWU / ADIA Agreement but also recognizes the need to reward staff according to prior experience and proven performance.

Taverner Research is an equal opportunity employer and as such welcomes staff from all backgrounds.

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