Brand Health Research

Customer needs and expectations are always on the rise. In a constantly evolving and competitive marketplace, it is vital to understand how your brand is connecting with end-users, both customers and potential customers. Brand health tracking research can be used to measure how your brand is currently performing against your competitors according to the consumers.

What is Brand Health?

Brand health is an umbrella term for a standardised set of metrics. These measures indicate how well a brand is performing and how it is currently perceived by end-users, both customers and potential customers. The happier your customers are with the product or service you’re offering, the better is the health of your brand.

Some of the components that determine the health of your brand include:

Brand Awareness

Brand Trust

Brand Loyalty

Perceived Quality/Performance

Customer Satisfaction

Why Measure and Track Brand Health?

Brand health tracking is an important component of understanding how your campaigns and marketing activities are impacting your brand over time. Collecting this information helps you benchmark your brand’s performance against the competition, see where you need to improve and track where you’re making progress.

With this clear picture of the state of your brand and its position in the market, you can make smart, profitable decisions and effectively plan your marketing strategy.

As well as helping you learn about your overall brand health, the metrics derived from this research also:

  • Allow you to track target audiences
  • Allow you to track vital KPIs
  • Assess whether your brand budget is being used effectively
  • Measure the return on investment (ROI) on brand-focused campaigns

How Can Taverner Help?

While it is possible to try and determine the health of your brand without help, you run the risk of losing valuable time or wasting money measuring the wrong variables or sampling the wrong individuals. You may also lose the benefit of objectivity from the analysis.

A successful market research agency skilled in brand health tracking can help you avoid these pitfalls while collecting the data you need to put the correct strategies in place for your business or organisation.

For over 25 years, Taverner has been the trusted consultant of choice for many industry-leading organisations across Australia. Our fast and flexible brand health tracking services can help you uncover exactly where your brand stands in the competitive field.

We use a number of reliable, best-practice tools, methodologies and research practices to accurately track the right markets and metrics for your brand. By covering every aspect of your brand’s performance from brand awareness and market share to customer loyalty, we can provide you with valuable insights that drive impact and improve performance.

Your brand is your most valuable asset. We can provide you with the data you need to learn what’s working and what isn’t in your brand strategy. With this knowledge and information, you can add value to your customers and improve the general perception of your brand.

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The Taverner Approach

Our brand health tracking services offer you the ability to stay on top of how well your brand is performing and how customers perceive your brand. The insights gathered through this process will allow you to craft a brand strategy that is based on accurate and reliable data.

We customise each of our studies to your specific brand and business context. This ensures we’re always measuring the data that is most meaningful to you. Our research provides powerful insight into the strengths and areas of improvement of your brand and how you can stay on top of the competition.

We can provide powerful insight on brand health metrics such as:

Brand Positioning

Learn how your brand stacks up against your competitors in the minds of your consumers.

Brand Image

We will provide insight into what feelings, qualities and characteristics your target market associate with your brand.

Brand Loyalty

Converting new customers is costly and time-intensive. By tracking metrics like commitment, associations, trust and satisfaction, you’ll learn what’s keeping your customers happy with your products and services.

Brand Awareness

How customers recognize and perceive your brand is the foundation of any successful brand strategy. We deliver dynamic insights into your brand’s awareness so that you can maximise business impact.

Brand Advertising

Our research can measure the efficacy of your marketing campaigns and how they are affecting your customer’s perceptions of your brand.

Consistently High Standard of Market Research

Taverner Research Group’s consistently high standard of market research can provide you with the knowledge and insight you need to make critical decisions within your business or organisation.

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