The Taverner team has been conducting high quality customised research for a diverse range of local, state and federal government organisations and agencies since inception.

Our robust data collection methods and reputation for quality are well known. If you want it done right, Taverner is the team to do it.

From small scale projects to projects with 40,000+ completes per year, through to large scale qualitative projects we have done it all.

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Some of the Work We Do


Copy testing (pre-testing) of advertising to ensure maximum effectiveness of campaigns and predict advertising performance. Ad research can also be be used to engage target audiences and involve them in the creation of messages suitable to them and their peers.


Periodic or continuous tracking of advertising recall and associated changes in product usage.  Ad tracking allows  a researcher  to clearly identify what impact advertising has had on the intended audience and identify if the correct media channels have been used and whether the advertising has been effective.


Clients of services from government and community organisations can have varied needs for services and varied ways these services should be delivered. Research methods allow different needs to be identified and quantified.


Evaluation of consumer and customer responses to new product ideas, distribution methods or advertising before implementation allows your target market to be engaged in further refining your product or service to meet their needs.


What do your customers think about how you have served them? What is their experience when choosing, acquiring, using and disposing of your products or services?  It is not enough to have a top quality product and deliver it rapidly, customers have attitudes and opinions that are very complex and will influence future sales.


Specialist research methods are used to identify the decision making processes of different customer groups. Special attention is provided to ensure conscious and subconscious influences are identified and levels of influence measured.


Retaining experienced and top quality employees is one of the toughest tasks in today’s world.  By monitoring employee experience and engagement at regular intervals, problem areas and potential solutions can be identified to ensure that employee experience is positive, and engagement is at a high level throughout the entire organisation.


Similar to customer experience, member experience research is designed to measure the value members place on their membership. Word of mouth is one of the most critical promotional tools for a member based organisation and dissatisfied members can actively discourage prospects from joining.


How do you know what ‘best in class’ is? Research can provide the answer as well as track the performance of your brand and other market players against these key market metrics.


Assessing how well programs have been implemented and the impacts and outcomes for recipients and stakeholders is mandatory for most government funded and many not for profit programs. The full range of research methods can be deployed to ensure high quality evaluation.


Just like members, employees and customers, stakeholders are a valuable source of information and ideas. Research enables stakeholders to be engaged and feel part of the development phase for new concepts and ideas that may evolve from the research.