5976 Road User Survey FAQ

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Once you have completed the online pre-screener, you will receive a link to book in an appointment using Calendly. This will book you in for a Microsoft Teams call on your chosen date and time. On this call one of our interviewers will guide you through the survey.

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The interviews generally take around 25 minutes, however can take up to 30 minutes in length and as short as 20 minutes.

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”When will I receive my gift voucher/incentive?” open=”yes” class=”” id=””]

Gift vouchers are typically processed between 7 and 10 days after you have completed your Teams interview.

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Occasionally there are unforeseen scheduling difficulties, and we will call you to try and arrange a different time to complete your survey. If you receive a voicemail, please answer the next call so we can find a new time and date that suits you.

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Firstly, we apolgise for this. Please click here to raise a support query with your interview time, and the email address you used to book your itnerview and we will book you in a for a new interview time slot.

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”Why haven’t I received my gift voucher/incentive, it’s been more than 10 days sicne I compelted the MS Teams interview?” open=”yes” class=”” id=””]

Sometimes gift vouchers/incentives sent by email get routed into spam/junk mail or other folders. This will differ depending on the email client being used (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook etc.).

Please search for the following words (GiftPay, Taverner and/or 5976) to see if you can locate your gift voucher, if you still cannot locate it please click here to raise a support query

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Please click here to raise a support query.