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The Taverner Way

In order to maintain a consistently high standard in an environment questionnaire design, speed and flexibility, we have developed an operational practice we call ‘The Taverner Way to Quality Research’ – also known as ‘The Taverner Way’. Both a system and a philosophy integrated with our Quality Assurance procedures, it helps us to produce actionable results regardless of the chosen methodology.

The Taverner Way covers three vital elements: Insight, Strategy and Accountability:

We define ‘insight’ as the power and ability to analyse, interpret and apply findings in an intelligent way, releasing real and actionable benefits to clients.

  • We take steps to understand the practical implications of research for your business, enabling us to deliver relevant and actionable insight.
  • Analysis and interpretation is carried out by highly qualified, experienced researchers and analysts with knowledge of the project and client objectives.
  • Our team of research professionals are kept up to date with project progress and participate in scheduled internal Project Briefings.
  • All reports and presentations are reviewed by experienced researchers prior to submission, thus providing additional opportunity for new insight to be applied to the findings

All projects undergo a rigorous strategic phase which has operated with great success for more than 15 years.

  • A Project Director is appointed at the initial proposal stage and is immediately your point of contact for the entire project.
  • The Project Director unlocks the Taverner ‘knowledge bank’ at internal Project Briefings attended by the senior research staff.
  • The close-knit team environment ensures on-going collaboration between departments and experienced researchers.
  • The project teams meet daily to discuss progress and performance targets.
  • Strategy meetings are held with the client to share information prior to developing detailed research material and instruments.
  • All research tools are tested and piloted before going into field, and client approval/review is requested prior to proceeding.
  • Upon commissioning, a Welcome Letter is prepared for the client, outlining ‘what to expect’ through the entire course of the project.

Accountability is more than a phase, it is an imperative and ensures projects are of the highest quality and delivered on time and budget.

  • The assigned Project Director is personally accountable for all aspects of the project and for maintaining the ongoing client relationship.
  • The Project Director has the experience, autonomy and authority to address virtually any client request.
  • Regular progress updates are provided to the client throughout the project.
  • Deadlines, costs and quality are recognised as critical elements in all projects.
  • Department Managers are directly accountable to Project Directors and are accountable for the quality of the ultimate project output.
  • Experienced staff are deployed to oversee the project at all levels.
  • All projects follow defined Quality Assurance procedures.
  • All projects may be subject to internal Quality Assurance audits.



The Taverner Brand

The Taverner logo is more than a commercial symbol, it encompasses the mythology of the brand.

The centre of the logo represents a minature oak tree sitting in a crown. These elements form the traditional Taverner family crest which our Managing Director, Philip Mitchell-Taverner wears on his signet ring to this day.

This symbol has evolved to represent the principles that are fundamental to Taverner Research - continual growth, integrity, an environmental focus, family values, and high quality personal service.

The Taverner Research logo is your seal of quality and a symbol of our guarentee.



The word 'Taverner' is a registered trademark of Taverner Research (2008)

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The Taverner logo consisting of a green square, white disk, gold rings, oak tree and crown is a registered trademark of Taverner Research (2008)

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