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Environment and climate change

Who Cares Locally?

Taverner’s ‘Who Cares Locally’ campaign is designed to measure the views of local residents against state environmental priorities and also allows for questions of a localised nature.

The information received through implementation of the research program can be used in a number of ways to assist Councils make the right decisions for sustainability and the for the residents of the LGA. Conducted by Taverner Research, the program offers valuable comparisons to the State Government triennial ‘Who Cares About the Environment?’ conducted for the NSW DECC by Taverner in 1997, 2000, 2003 & 2006.

Taverner has successfully conducted 'Who Cares Locally?' studies for Waverley, Manly and Randwick City councils.







More information

For more information on Taverner's 'Who Cares Locally?' program contact Michael Trigwell or download a brochure here.


“Taverner’s approach enabled Randwick’s results to be compared with a decade of similar research carried out by the former NSW Environment Protection Authority in their own ‘Who Cares about the Environment?’ surveys. Further research will be carried out to assess changes over time in community understanding and participation in Randwick City Council’s ‘Sustaining our City’ programs.”

Peter Maganov, Manager Sustainability, Randwick City Counci





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